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tbparts Z50R gastank white

tbparts Z50R gastank white

€ 99,00


PROMO/ 99€ ipv 126.50€

Z50R gastank white 
years 89-99

repro gas tank
paint and front mount welds aren not the same quality as honda 
but you get what you pay for, oem gas cap does not fit 

Aftermarket Gas Tank – This is a reproduction gas tank for the 88-99 Z50R. The quality of the tank is very good and they look real nice, however the paint quality is not that of a Honda tank and slight imperfections are possible. They are a very nice alternative to the way more expensive discontinued Honda tanks for those who aren’t restoring their Zs. They also come with a gas cap more like the original one (not a locking gas cap like some others include with similar tanks) and a petcock. Also, unlike similar aftermarket tanks on the market, we have our front mounts welded in the correct location so the tank is positioned correctly.

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